Where both Greatness and Popularity are Rewarded

Edward Smith
Publishing Director

Launched in 2016 in Bahrain, the Spa & Wellness Awards gives recognition and thanks to the luxury spa and wellness industry within the GCC

(UAE, Bahrain and Qatar). The awards acknowledge excellence of service and standards and aims to inspire spas around the region to raise the global industry standards. Please join us as we celebrate the leaders of the industry and continue to appreciate the finer things in life.

The System

All winners are awarded based on both public votes and critic opinions and will receive their accolades amongst their peers.

There are 2 awards in key categories:
‘favourite’ decided by an online vote and ‘best’ decided by our editorial panel.


We will be bringing together a panel of three bloggers and influencers alongside one member of our editorial team to decide the winners in each category.

Each spa or health & wellness providers is scored on these following criteria:




The public use online voting to decide the Favourite winners in their categories. Nominations can be promoted by participating spas, health clubs and wellness centres to create maximum awareness and attract votes by means of the official voting button (marketing collateral supplied by FACT ME) that will be provided in advance.

We encourage to purchase the bespoke Nominee package to promote your nomination. The Nominee Package includes some online marketing tools (web banners, online contests, etc.) to generate further engagement (votes) in the lead up to the ceremony.